New Hampshire Weavers Guild
October 19, 2016
Harrisville Designs Tour
NHWG members enjoyed a special meeting day on a visit to Harrisville Designs in Keene, NH.  It was an unseasonably warm but sparkling fall day and the trees were in fine autumn colors.  The visit started with a tour of the Harrisville Spinning Mill a few minutes down the road from the main village area.  We were shown how the dyed fleece was placed in carders according to a recipe of colors, mixed well and turned first into roving, then spun into yarn on cones.  The mill, built in the 1970's, processes wool for Harrisville's line of yarns as well as Jared Flood's Brooklyn Tweed.

Next came lunch sandwiches from the Harrisville General Store and a visit to Harrisville Design's wonderful retail shop.  Obviously, purchases were made!

Chick Colony, current head of the family that has owned the Harrisville mills since the mid-1800's spoke to the group.  He described how the existence of the mills in Harrisville was "all about the water."  Little Goose Brook and the reservoirs upstream were the source of the energy for the original mills.  The Colony family has worked diligently to keep the mills alive through the ups and downs of the industrial revolution and changes in the textile and fashion industry such as double knit fabrics and polyester fleece.  We hand weavers are very familiar with their "kit" looms and wonderful weaving yarns. 

Currently, Harrisville has developed a new line of quality small looms and potholder frame looms for children, even developing sources for good loopers after sock manufacturing technology changes dried up the source for good millends.

We all wish the Colony family our best and know that their best efforts are going into helping keep our hand weaving traditions alive now and into the future.
Spinning Mill Tour

Store and Lecture