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Photo Gallery

November 18, 2015
Special Presentation
Workshops, Weaving Helping Weavers and
Afternoon Program
Leslie Stone Presented Honorary Membership
NHWG was sad to hear that long time member Leslie Stone was moving back to her native England permanently and would no longer be able to attend meetings.  President Linda Lincoln, on behalf of all the members, gave Leslie an Honorary Membership and wished her the best in her new life.  Linda said, "Our records show that Leslie Stone joined the New Hampshire Weavers Guild in 1989.  In the years since, she has volunteered for many committees, hosted many meetings and spent hours working for the Guild. Her natural elegance, eye for design color and flow ensured that she became the go-to person to chair the hanging of many shows, both for the guild and for NEWS."


Afternoon Programs
November's meeting was held on a gorgeous fall day, a surprise among the grey and dreary ones.  Lys and Jeffrey Weiss, tapestry weavers and enthusiasts, presented an afternoon program about historical tapestries.  Those room-sized wonders in their museum homes, are often not close enough for weavers to see and appreciate.  The Weiss' presentation showed many beautiful tapestries and described how they were created. 
In particular, they focused in on the small details the weavers wove into the backgrounds of the works.
Presenters Lys and Jeffrey Weiss.
Morning Workshops


At Marjie Thompson's second class, the students brought in samples woven at home to share and discuss.  A discussion on how to use weaving software also helped students learn how to design lace.


Barbara Herbster presented a workshop on using Supplementary Warps in your weaving.  She used her extensive experience with this technique, combined with her many samples to illustrate the technique and inspire her students.


Lys and Jeffrey Weiss gave their students an a to z discussion of tapestry weaving including looms, tools and techniques.  Several students brought in homemade looms to show.
Weavers Helping Weavers

In the morning, the Weavers Helping Weavers session discussed the wonderful treasures of the NHWG lending library, led by Head Librarian Joan Warren.
After her presentation, she led the group in a "crowd sourced" review of the NHWG sample books.  Each sample was scrutinized and categorized.  The samples books will be available for guild members this fall.