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Photo Gallery

November 28, 2018
Meeting Recap
The November meeting featured Sally Ehring with her Afternoon Program called "The World is Not Flat, 3-D Loom Weaving"  Here is Sally with 2nd VP/Ext. Workshop Chair Elaine Isaak.

Her techniques actually allow the shape to be woven in, and do not depend on differential shrinkage or sewing for their shape. For example, the photo below shows a wonderful dress where the front piece of fabric had a selvage of 

54 inches on one edge and 11 inches on the other! 

Although she sometimes uses nontraditional materials such as copper wire 

for more artistic pieces, this weaving can be done with standard cotton, 

linen, or wool yarn.


Sally's work can be seen at:


About the Speaker


Sally Eyring has been weaving, sewing, and building

tools since childhood. She earned a BA in Mathematics

Education from Arizona State University and an MFA

from the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University. Her

MFA graduate project described the immigration

experience through woven sculptural headdresses, using a

unique 3D weaving method that she invented. 

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