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Photo Gallery

May 18, 2016
It was wonderful to have a great end of the Guild year celebration at our May meeting.  Morning workshops, our first very successful Silent Auction, a popular Weavers Helping Weavers, a Potluck luncheon that was, as usual, a showstopper, and our annual Fashion Show and display of non-garment items.
Annual Fashion Show

Annual Non-Wearables Show

Silent Auction
Thanks to the hard work of Joan Warren and her helpers from the Loose Ends weaving group, $1,000 was raised in a silent auction of items donated by Guild members.  Items ranged from out-of-print books to fibers to towels and many other treasures.  Thanks to all who helped organize and display the items and of course, to those of you who purchased items.  All funds go to the Guild's operating funds.
Morning Workshops

Jayne Flanagan

Starting with the history of Mr. Bonacci, the subject of a terrible editing error, moving to the theory of why this number series results in stripes that "feel" good to our eyes, and finishing with techniques to use the series to help us design better and more pleasing stripe patterns in our weaving.  Who could ask for more!
Deborah Watson

Using many samples and her long experience in weaving rugs, Deb introduced her class to the wonders and techniques of making good rugs.  The class learned of the kinds and types of looms that are good for rugs and about tools to make the job easier.
Sarah Fortin

Handwoven fabrics often need good sewing techniques to nicely finish a garment.  Known for her fine handwoven garments, Sarah took her class through many sewing and finishing techniques and discussed how fiber, sett and patterns affect how to handle the construction of a handwoven garment.
Weavers Helping Weavers
Connie Gray

Attendees at Weavers Helping Weavers passed around Connie's big bag and chose an item from those accumulated to spark discussion about how everyday items (like the largest toothbrush ever seen) could be used to make our weaving process better.  A spirited discussion of the many items ensued with everyone sharing their thoughts and ideas.