New Hampshire Weavers Guild
May 20, 2015
Workshops, Potluck Luncheon and Fashion Show
May is an exciting meeting to end the NHWG's year and have fun talking weaving before the real start of the summer months.  The day started with three great workshops.

Marjie Thompson helped her students dye lovely silk scarves.  The inspiration was clear to see as they hung the scarves on a handy outside bush to dry.

Jayne Flanagan held the second of two classes on Huck Lace.  The class brought in their samples (sometimes we have homework!) done since the last session to share with their fellow classmates.  Then they looked at the original samples from "The Huck Collection" to get even more huck weaving ideas.
Susan Rockwell taught a full class of students about the effects of color and texture on weaving.  To reinforce the lessons, attendees made wrappings of yarn to reflect a piece of commercial cloth to stretch their color muscles.
After the workshops, the annual potluck luncheon started.  As always, weavers are also the best cooks and the food was plentiful and tasty!
After lunch, the afternoon session consisted of the annual static show of items woven throughout the year and the fashion show.  Please see the Photo Gallery section for more photos.

Most importantly, the end of the meeting means the end of the year and a changing of the NHWG board.  Linda Lincoln will be president for the next two years.  She presented Carole Elliott with a gift to thank her for her wonderful service to NHWG.