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March 21, 2018
Meeting Recap
Workshops, Weaving Helping Weavers and
Afternoon Program
Morning Workshops

Overshot placemats, designed in Session 1 in October resulted in gorgeous results from the students in Linda Lincoln's friendship placemats group.  Each participant went home with a set of eight placemats using the same pattern color but different pattern.  Students noted that they learned a lot in designing and fitting the borders, patterns and size and sett of the yarns for 

this project.


Jane Perkins brought each student several tools to help her students learn to make cords and braids.  They used a lucet, an octagon and their fingers to make those useful bits that can have many uses.  Participants noted that Jane brought every item ready to go - including premeasured butterflies of yarn, weights, and handouts, making the class a joy.


This definitely was the best smelling workshop of the day!  Lisa Davy taught her students how to dye wool with nontoxic, permanent dyes using two different methods.  Everyone was able to get their (carefully gloved) hands into petting the color into their choice of protein yarns.

Weavers Helping Weavers
Moderator: Connie Gray

NHWG is 80 years old this year and has a long history of involvement, inspiration and teaching from many wonderful weavers over that time.  Connie led the large group in telling their stories about the wonderful women and men who made us such a great community of weavers.  At least one person and usually many more, had wonderful stories of our early presidents and major worker bees who gave of their time and experience.  Several "secretaries" recorded the stories which will be shared with us all at the April birthday party meeting.

Afternoon Program
New England Quilts and the
Stories They Tell
Pamela Weeks
Binney Family Curator of the
New England Quilt Museum
In a fascinating afternoon program, Pamela Weeks introduced the Guild to quilts throughout the years.  She used samples from her collection to show how quilts and the fabrics they were made from changed and how those changes can illustrate our changing history.  

Many Guild members brought quilts and described how they acquired them, whether through family or auction.  Then Pamela discussed what she could glean from the quilts and where they fit in the progress of quilt development.

Most touching was the wonderful patchwork quilt brought in by an audience member which had been purchased at a sale.  Each major square had words describing which dress the fabric had come from.  Some searching through historical records had revealed that the dresses had been from a young girl that had passed away.  This quilt, a memorial quilt, really told a story through the colors and scraps of a too short life.

Pamela is a presenter for the New Hampshire Humanities and the Guild thanks them for the grant that made this program possible.
Pamela Weeks, afternoon speaker, and NHWG President, Marjie Thompson