New Hampshire Weavers Guild
April 20, 2016
Workshops, Weaving Helping Weavers and
Afternoon Program
Afternoon Program
Historic Fabrics in Painting and Sculpture
Michael Moss

A lovely April day brought NHWG members to another wonderful meeting day.  The afternoon speaker was Michael Moss, an art historian who retired to New Hampshire after working many years as director of the West Point Museum of Art at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.  He used his academic background and his love of weaving to help us "see" more about the classic paintings and sculptures.  Looking at them more closely, knowing fabrics and weaving techniques as we do, he taught us to look at what the fabrics were telling us about the times in which the art was completed.  Fine fabrics in opulent rooms meant wealth.  Earthy colors and rough fabrics meant everyday folks working hard.  He showed us a new way to get more enjoyment out of our gallery visits in the future.
Presenters Michael Moss with NHWG member Diana Frost.
Morning Workshops


As usual, Barbara Herbster's class used a plethora of woven samples to illustrate just how special simple tabby fabrics can become.  With supplementary wefts, inlays, hand manipulated laces and floats, the class will never see plain weave tabby as plain again!

A love of overshot lead Linda Lincoln to learn how to utilize a code system called Name Drafting to design original overshot patterns.  She lead the class through the basics and then let them play with paper and computers to put the basics to use.  And she reminded us to never say "this is a name draft" to non-weavers who will then look for their name in the weaving!
Weavers Helping Weavers

Jayne Flanagan led a large group of Weavers Helping Weavers in a discussion of fibers, their contents, characteristics and uses.  Many of the participants weighed in with their experiences with various fibers.  Everyone attending learned something new about their favorite weaving fibers.