New Hampshire Weavers Guild

Looking for a Loom to Buy

In addition to buying from our wonderful Advertising Patrons (see separate page for information), you can buy a new loom from your local weaving store or several online sites.

If you are interested in a used loom, there are several places to look which include all of the suggestions listed below.  Be sure to request the Loom List from Diana Frost.


Selling a Loom or Equipment

NHWG has put together a Loom Seller's Checklist (see below) to help you gather the correct information to create a successful loom listing.  

Here are some places that offer used looms for sale:

Open to anyone:


     New Hampshire  




Spinners, Weavers and Knitters Housecleaning Pages:           

[Site no longer working, stay tuned]


Weavers' Guild of Boston Used Weaving and Spinning Equipment List:

Some sites where you must join to list:

Local weaving guilds’ websites, which can be found at

Yahoo! Groups  -  Weaving Sales Ads  -

Ravelry  -  Warped Weavers Marketplace group

Facebook - Very active groups of many kinds, often including a group for each loom manufacturer.  But especially see "Fiber Tools and Equipment for Sale".

The New England “Loom List”


NHWG member Diana Frost maintains a list of looms and equipment for sale which is circulated to various New England guilds and individuals. It is physically posted at Weavers’ Guild of Boston, New Hampshire, and other New England guilds’ meetings. Anyone may use this list, the only proviso being that when a loom is bought or sold, that information is sent immediately to Diana. Each item will stay on the list for exactly one year unless it is sold or Diana is notified to extend its exposure. For a copy of the current list, please send a SASE (with postage for three ounces) to:  Diana Frost, 16 Oyster River Rd., Durham, NH 03824   603 868-7465.  Contact her for more information at

At this time, NHWG is not accepting donations of looms or equipment without advance approval from the Guild.  Please contact the Webmaster at to inquire and for any other questions.