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Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

2020 Fall Members' Show and Tell
In the Kitchen

Ann Tomes

Huck lace towels from the Tom Knisley book.  
8/2 cotton, pale yellow and colonial blue.

Here’s a four harness twill pick up mug rug.

Anne Bridge
These are the towels I did in Linda Lincoln's Friendship towel exchange in March and May. The warp is 7/2 & 8/2 cotton, the ground weft is 10/2 on the red, but switched to 2/20 for the other two. The pattern weft is 5/2 with a 10/2 white ground (tabby).
Weaving Summer and Winter takes some concentration, and of course 2 shuttles. The treadling required paying close attention. The draft can be found in Handwoven - Jan/Feb 2015.
Kristina Karpinski

Kathy Hutchins

An international Christmas present. 
Table cloth (three panels sewn together),
And napkins.  Here is a close up of the New Zealand Silver Fern motif.
Barbara Herbster circle workshop. 
Circles created using Crackle info from Jayne Flanagan’s workshop.
Terry Ellen Carter

We use our Fiesta Ware every day, and I smile each time I see them stacked on the shelf or even lined up in the dishwasher. Inspired by the cheery colours, I wove a t-shirt rag rug for the kitchen. Rug dimensions are 21 x 34. T-shirt strips were 1/2" wide, 100% cotton (from an unexpected church thrift sale). Warp is Maysville 8/4 cotton.

This small project was full of "opportunities to do better" and "learning by doing." Numerous lessons aside, the rug feels good under my feet - and adds Fiesta Flare to the daily routine!
Ann Guralnick

These towels are the Kaleidoscope Towels pattern from Webs. 
Structure - Twill blocks
Materials used - various 8/2 cottons
Sett - 24 epi
Width in reed - 21 2/3”
Finished dimensions- 17 1/4” x 30”

The warp requires 6 colors and each towel was woven with
a different color weft.
Karen Bicknell

This is a double width plain weave table cloth (about 58 x 122") and coordinating napkins  - all in Bockens lovely cotton - kind of retro - diner design.


I wanted to challenge myself with a warp that was made up of large blocks of colors from opposite sides of the color wheel.  The towels were woven of 8/2 cotton and cottolin warped at 18 EPI.  Some of the towels were woven as plain weave, others as a block damask.


Eight twill towels for NHWG's 80th Anniversary and a linen and wool mat woven in 1980 at UNH for a weaving class taught by Winifred Shaw.

100% cotton waffle weave placemats for a nephew.
Ripley four-shaft for a stash busting set of dish towels in cotton.
Joanne Mills

Christmas season table set: Runner, placemat and napkin.

Jayne Flanagan

Monk's belt potholders, 2018.
Jane Perkins

Four napkins and two tea towels from a 6 yard warp.  Warp and weft are a combination of 40/2 and 20s linen sett at 36 epi in a mash up I created from various sources of plain weave and twill.
Joyce Morton

Towels from Handwoven  Mar/Apr 2020, made with 8/2 cotton.
Summer and Winter runner and placemats from 'Next Steps in Weaving'.