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Members!  Join us for the May 19, 2021 Annual Meeting.

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MAY 19, 2021 10am-noon – Annual Meeting

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Presented by Annie MacHale
Because the inkle loom is a simple device designed to make very narrow, warp­faced pieces, its true potential is often overlooked. People frequently ask, “What can you do with an inkle loom, anyway?” Annie MacHale has spent over four decades exploring the possibilities and loves to inspire others to join her in the adventure. She will share many stories of her inspiration and creation and show a diverse array of items produced on her inkle looms. Presenter: Annie MacHale At the age of seventeen, Annie MacHale first discovered the inkle loom, sparking a lifelong love affair. She built her first loom in 1976 with the help of her dad and a library book. Since then, she has woven miles of bands. She loves to play with color and pattern and finds the inkle loom a very satisfying way to do this. Annie is known to many through her blog, The popularity of her patterns shared there has led to the 2019 publication of the book, In Celebration of Plain Weaver: Color and Design Inspiration for Inkle Weavers.
NEWS is July 16-17 on Zoom


The New Hampshire Weavers Guild was established in 1938 to promote hand weaving throughout NH. We now function as a 150+ member nonprofit educational organization dedicated to an appreciation of weaving and textile arts.

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