New Hampshire Weavers Guild

October 28, 2021

Weavers Helping Weavers - RIGID HEDDLE ROUNDUP

Moderator: Terry Ellen Carter

Rigid Heddle looms have been around for ages, and they are more popular than ever now. Learn why people love the Rigid Heddle, see what can be woven on one, and try your hand at Rigid Heddle weaving.

November 4, 2021



Speaker: Gretchen RomeyTanzer

Turned drafts are an efficient way to set up tabby and pattern in the warp so the weaving process requires a single weft element. Monks belt, honeycomb, overshot, crackle, and summer and winter are several of the weave structures that work well as turned drafts. The goal of this session is to help the weaver develop the confidence to try turning a favorite overshot pattern. Digital drafting options will be discussed. This is an intermediate level, hands on drafting/design workshop. Participants should have a simple overshot, crackle or summer and winter draft; two B pencils with erasers; colored pencils; notebook/paper; and optional iPad with WeaveIt application

November 11, 2021


Speaker: Suzi Ballenger

Ms and Os, HuckaBack, and Swedish Point–these traditional weave structures (and others) offer weavers the opportunity to explore myriad possibilities for towels, clothing, and accessories without a recipe! This intensive presentation will show what distinguishes these threadings from others, how to identify potential patterns, and lead us to learn how to expand our treadling vocabulary to create our own voice in creating beautiful cloth. Participants need only pencils and a notebook if desired.

November 17, 2021



Speaker: Sara Goodman

The main goal of this lecture is to debunk some of the myths about natural dyes: i.e., that they are difficult to use, the colors are drab, and they fade quickly. On the contrary, Sara can get any brilliant, rich color she wants, and the colors achieved with natural dyes always seem to be harmonious. The essential knowledge is how to prepare the fiber correctly and how to use the proper mordants to achieve the desired results. Sara will show samples to illustrate mordanting, color possibilities, techniques such as warp painting, immersion dyeing, shibori, clay resist, katazome, block printing and discharge printing. She will also show some tools for people to see. The slide show will illustrate the processes, including using fresh plants and dye extract powders.

December 2, 2021



Moderator: Arlene Ilgenfritz

Perhaps you have been weaving very productively for many years or for just a few years. Samples, projects, etc., are filling up your drawers, shelves, and closets! We will discuss and share ideas and projects we have done–or want to do–in order to make use of and preserve our weaving. Have pen and paper handy to take notes.


Thursday, November 18 from 10 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

The NHWG library will be open one more time this fall to give members a chance to borrow from our great collection of weaving books, samples and other items. Books can be returned and others checked out. Remember, if you check out books in November, you can keep them until March.

Fall 2021 Session Update: ALL VIRTUAL

  • Oct. 7, class: Shibori with Fiber Reactive Dyes with Jessica Kaufman
  • Oct. 14, class: Fiber, Structure – and Color with Marcy Petrini
  • Oct. 20, General meeting, Speaker: Elaine Isaak
  • Oct. 28, Weavers Helping Weavers: Rigid Heddle Roundup, moderated by Terry Ellen Carter
  • Nov. 4, class: Turned Drafts of Four Shafts with Gretchen Romey-Tanzer
  • Nov. 11, class: Renegade Treadlings on Traditional Threadings with Suzi Ballenger
  • Nov. 17, General meeting, Speaker: Sara Goodman
  • Nov. TBD, Open Library at Kimball Jenkins
  • Dec. 2, Weavers Helping Weavers: Perpetuating and Preserving Your Passion for Weaving, moderated by Arlene Ilgenfritz

The New Hampshire Weavers Guild was established in 1938 to promote hand weaving throughout NH. We now function as a 150+ member nonprofit educational organization dedicated to an appreciation of weaving and textile arts.

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Afternoon Program (free) at 1pm, all at

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